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Revolutionising Healthcare Communication

In a world where technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, the healthcare industry must keep up with the cloud revolution! As Co-Founder & Sales Director here at F One, I am pleased to introduce our cutting-edge cloud-based telephone solutions, which are set to transform the way patients interact with their GP surgeries.

With the recent government push to increase patient access and invest £240 million in practices across England, we’re poised to equip doctors surgeries with cutting-edge technology that will provide unrivalled benefits to both patients and medical professionals.

The Vision of the Government

The new government programme intends to improve the patient experience by making it easier for people to call their doctor, eventually eliminating the dreaded ‘8:00am rush’. The funds given will allow medical practices to adopt the most recent technological innovations, resulting in a more seamless healthcare journey for people across England. This project is a huge step forward in ensuring that healthcare services are accessible and efficient for everybody.

We have been at the forefront of this exciting movement for many years now, having already provided cloud-based telephone solutions specifically designed to improve patient interaction and GP surgery operational efficiency. Let’s have a look at the wonderful benefits that our cutting-edge system provides to both doctors and patients…

Estimated Wait Time and Real-Time Queue Position

One of the most frustrating aspects for patients is not knowing where they are in the queue or how long they will have to wait. Patients will receive real-time updates on their place in the telephone queue, removing the need for endless waiting and providing reassurance. By offering accurate waiting time estimates, patients can manage their expectations and arrange their days accordingly, resulting in enhanced satisfaction and decreased anxiety.

Call-Back Service

The call-back service is a game-changing feature of our cloud-based technology. Patients are no longer need to remain glued to their phones, nervously awaiting their turn. Instead, they can request a call-back, which allows them to receive a call from the surgery without losing their place in queue. This feature allows patients to participate in other activities while being confident that their requirements will be met immediately. It benefits both doctors and patients by reducing wait times and increasing overall efficiency.

Improved Patient-Doctor Interaction

Quality healthcare is built on effective communication. Our telephone solutions enable patients and doctors to communicate in a seamless and dependable manner. Patients may voice their problems more effectively with improved call quality and fewer interruptions, providing accurate diagnoses and individualised care. Improved communication benefits patients as well as medical personnel, allowing them to provide better care and develop stronger patient relationships.

Practice Operations Have Been Simplified

Aside from the obvious benefits to patients, our cloud-based technology provides various advantages to GP surgeries. Doctors can receive significant insights into call volumes, peak hours, and other indicators using comprehensive call analytics, allowing them to optimise staffing levels and increase operational efficiency. This data-driven strategy assists practitioners in providing timely, high-quality care while successfully managing resources.

With the government’s £240 million investment, the moment has come for medical practices throughout England to harness the potential of technology in order to provide accessible, efficient, and patient-centred care.

Contact one of our specialists on 0330 221 1183 to find out how we can help your practice.

Lee New, Co-Founder & Sales Director