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Improving Eastleigh FC’s Communication Game With NEC’s Univerge Blue

As a dedicated football fan and a long-time follower of Eastleigh Football Club, I am thrilled to share our recent collaboration with the club. We’ve implemented NEC’s Univerge Blue cloud phone system throughout the organisation, significantly improving their communications set up. Today, I want to take you on a journey to learn more about Eastleigh FC, our love for football, and our tech-savvy solution that has made a difference in the club’s daily operations.

Eastleigh Football Club… A Brief History

Founded in 1946 as Swaythling Athletic, Eastleigh FC has grown over the years into a well-respected club in the non-league football circuit. In 1980, the club was rebranded to its current name and has been playing at the Silverlake Stadium ever since. As a passionate supporter of the club for many years, I have had the privilege of witnessing their meteoric rise in the ranks, as they continue to make progress in the National League.

Currently, Eastleigh FC finds itself in a strong position, with ambitions to secure promotion to the English Football League. The club’s management has invested heavily in the development of the team, with a focus on acquiring talented players and nurturing them through a comprehensive youth academy system. The first team’s recent performances have been consistently impressive, reflecting the club’s commitment to success.

In addition to improvements on the pitch, Eastleigh FC has also received substantial investment in its infrastructure. The Silverlake Stadium has undergone significant renovations, with the capacity expanded to accommodate a growing fan base. These upgrades include state-of-the-art pitch maintenance systems, ensuring that playing conditions remain optimal throughout the year. Additionally, new seating areas and hospitality facilities have been added to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable matchday experience for supporters.

This wave of investment has not only enhanced the matchday experience but has also benefited the local community, with the creation of new jobs and increased revenue for local businesses. The club’s commitment to grassroots football is evident, as it actively engages with schools and local youth clubs to promote the sport and develop the next generation of talent.

My Love for Football

Football has always been a significant part of my life. In my younger days (and admittedly, when I was much fitter & skinnier), I even scored a hat-trick in a cup final at the Silverlake Stadium. That memory still brings a smile to my face and fills me with immense pride. I have followed Eastleigh FC for years, and my love for the club has only grown stronger. It’s been an honour to combine my love for football with my business interest.

NEC’s Univerge Blue Cloud Phone System

We believe that effective communication is essential for any organisation’s success, including football clubs. To support Eastleigh FC in their pursuit of excellence, we’ve implemented NEC’s Univerge Blue cloud phone system throughout the club. This cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive suite of communication services, including voice, video, messaging, and contact centre solutions.

Since the implementation, the club has experienced significant improvements in their communication, both internally and externally. The Univerge Blue cloud phone system has streamlined their processes, enabled seamless collaboration, and fostered a more efficient working environment. It’s incredibly gratifying to see our technology making a difference in the day-to-day operations of a club that holds a special place in my heart.

Special Thanks to Tom Coffey & Alex Pike

Before I wrap up, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Tom Coffey, Eastleigh FC’s Chairman, and Alex Pike, the club’s Commercial Manager. Their support and collaboration have been instrumental in the success of our video case study, showcasing the impact of NEC’s Univerge Blue cloud phone system on Eastleigh FC’s communication.

In addition to their involvement in the case study, Tom and Alex have been incredibly supportive in helping us find the best way to set up the phone system so that it works optimally for the club. Their insights and understanding of the club’s unique needs and requirements have ensured that we could tailor the solution to suit Eastleigh FC perfectly.

It’s been a pleasure working with such dedicated and passionate individuals, and we couldn’t have achieved this fantastic result without them. Thank you, Tom and Alex, for your unwavering commitment to Eastleigh FC and for allowing us to be part of the team.

I am extremely proud to play a part in Eastleigh FC’s ongoing journey towards success, both on and off the pitch. As the club continues to grow, we’ll be there to support them with the best communication solutions available. Here’s to many more years of football, friendship, and cutting-edge technology!


Lee New, Co-Founder & Sales Director