WiFi for Big Venues

Wireless networks have traditionally been a struggle for larger locations like wedding venues, hostels, theatres and care homes. Until recently, maintaining signal strength over a large area has been expensive and complex. Well, mesh networks change this. By simplifying your wireless infrastructure, they allow you to extend network coverage to every corner of your site.

In this blog post we will explore the features of mesh network technology and how they can benefit businesses operating in particularly large or difficult venues.

Signal Strength and Network Speed

Mesh networks de-centralise routing responsibility. Put simply, this means that every one of your access points acts as a router. Our access points are plug and play by nature. As soon as you plug them in, they identify their own location in your site based on relative signal strength to the other access points around them.

This gives your network the ability to route traffic using the smallest physical distance between access points. Compare this to a traditional network with a single central router. With every piece of data passing through a single router, latency becomes a major concern in larger sites. Mesh networks share routing responsibility among themselves, finding the fastest and most efficient route between each device.


De-centralising routing with a series of cost-effective, plug and play access points also transforms the reliability of your wireless network.

In large venues, wireless networks are often created by “chaining” access points wirelessly. In this scenario, one failed access point can wipe out connectivity across most of your site. Not ideal in a care home with residents relying on your network, or in a wedding venue with guests trying to share events with their friends.

Mesh networks employ a larger number of access points, each connecting to every other point within range to form a resilient mesh. This approach ensures that, should any single access point fall offline, others will step in to take over. This all but guarantees that you and your guests will be able to depend on your network to stay connected across your entire site.


Mesh networks enable the most ambitious wireless solutions.

There’s no limit to the number of access points that can be added to your network. For example, you could start off providing a guest network for your golf course’s club house, then simply add access points to cover the whole course!

The unique technology employed by our wireless systems ensure that your guests maintain a strong connection from the first to the last holes. All you need to do is power your access points, removing the need for complex and expensive work to extend your wired network.

Older Buildings

Since our wireless solutions can eliminate the need for an extensive wired network, they are a perfect match for older venues.

Country hotels, care homes and many beautiful wedding venues are based in old buildings. While they are certainly a stunning backdrop for a wedding or weekend stay, old country houses tend to make installing modern technology difficult.

The fact is that they don’t build them like they used to. Old buildings are notorious for absorbing wireless signals and limiting their range. Thick walls, large rooms and high ceilings can present unique challenges to WiFi. The best solution is to employ a mesh network.

Meshed access points like ours simply plug in to the wall and connect to your network, requiring no physical connection to your router. This eliminates the need to run network cables to every corner of your building. This is a huge time-saver; running cabling in older buildings is not an easy process. Nor is it cheap. Our wireless solutions require nothing more complex than a power point.


Now that we’ve explored the network itself, we should consider how you connect your premises to the internet.

If you’re lucky enough to be based in the countryside, you may have struggled with broadband connectivity in the past.

Fortunately, the UK’s fibre network is expanding rapidly, making superfast broadband available at more premises practically by the day. At F One, we’re proud to be able to provide the fastest connections around.

Our superfast fibre connections use FTTC, G Fast and even FTTP where available. If you’re not sure what’s available in your area, get in touch with us today. Our broadband solutions are available at 99% of UK addresses, so you can be sure you’ll find the right solution with us.

We specialise in providing connectivity in challenging environments. We’ve got years of experience installing networking solutions in care homes, golf clubs, theatres, hotels and many other businesses operating in old or otherwise challenging venues.

Is your wireless network in need of an upgrade? Speak to our team on 0330 221 1183 today; we’d be happy to arrange a free consultation and Covid-safe site survey.

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