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F One.

F One was founded on the idea that, above all, business telecoms should be simple.

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We believe that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to get a reliable phone system that works for you. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get hold of your supplier, and you shouldn’t have to wrestle with complex pricing structures to get the best deal.

For a long time we had felt that the technology available to businesses in the telecoms sector was falling behind other services. In October 2014, when we started, the Cloud revolution was in full swing, but there were very few truly Cloud-based telecoms solutions.

So in 2014, we decided the time was right to start to turn the reputation of the telecoms industry around by launching a robust Cloud solution that embraced new technology and simple pricing. We backed this up with outstanding customer service, helping us to build lasting partnerships with our clients.

F One today has over 1,500 customers and a constantly evolving product portfolio. This has been achieved mainly through organic growth and by putting customer care at the core of our business.

Our Core Values.

We hear you

We listen before we talk. We always like to get to know our customers and how they work so that we can recommend the most suitable solution for the job at hand.

Embrace technology

Central to our business is the understanding that intelligently applied technology not only unlocks the latest features but also saves our customers costs and improves reliability.

Unrivalled support

We truly believe that our customer care team is the best in the industry; taking care of our clients is at the heart of everything we do.

Helping customers succeed

We’ve got your best interests at heart. We like to build long and productive relationships with our clients, helping them grow by giving them the best tools for the job from day one.

Some of the fantastic clients that we’ve helped

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