Welcome customers back with Guest WiFi

With all going to plan, the hospitality industry should be getting back on track soon. A lot of new technology has emerged to make things easier for businesses during this time. From ordering food on your phone, to thermal imaging cameras that protect from infection. One of the services that can truly open some new opportunities is Guest WiFi.

Guest WiFi is a way to provide a safer and more convenient hospitality experience once customers return. Setting up your own guest network means that in order to log in to your business’ WiFi, customers have to create a login for your business.

This can be as simple as just signing into Facebook or Twitter, but can also be done through an online form. When signing in with a social media account, you can even prompt users to leave a like on your business’ page! Customers rank free WiFi as one of the most satisfying extra services that a business can offer, so why not make the most of it.

At F One we believe that this technology has so much potential for both marketing your business and gaining new customer insights. We’ve put together this quick guide of the features of Guest WiFi and the ways that they can improve some of your most essential business processes.

Attract New Customers Whilst Retaining Loyal Ones

Loyal customers are the backbone of successful hospitality businesses. During the pandemic there was a real push to support local businesses, and with locations reopening there’s a chance to return the favour.

With our Guest WiFi service, not only do you provide customers with a high-speed connection every time they visit, but you also gain access to their contact details. This means you know exactly who your loyal customers are, and how to reward them.

This gives you an opportunity to offer exclusive offers to loyal clients, and let them know through emails or social media about the latest goings on at your business. Anything from a reward scheme, to your latest menu items or services. The chances are, if you’re offering something new, your customers will want to hear about it!

The bonus benefit to this is that by offering a like on Facebook or Twitter in exchange for WiFi, more new customers will see your business through their friends’ social media.

Your ultimate marketing tool

While offering customers free and fast WiFi will lead to higher satisfaction overall, there is much more to the marketing potential of this service. One of the options included with Guest WiFi is to complete a short survey before logging on. This survey is quick enough not to be a nuisance and provides some seriously valuable insights.

Through the survey you can learn whether your customers are predominantly local or from further away, their age and their contact details. This can help you plan how to appeal to your most popular demographics and help you to tailor marketing material to new ones.

Even knowing a customer’s name can be beneficial. Just titling your marketing material with a customer’s name has proven to be more effective and inspires a sense of brand loyalty.

Guest WiFi is fully GDPR compliant and presents you with a way to adhere to industry regulations while creating benefits for both your business and your customers.

How can Guest WiFi help businesses returning after lockdown?

Many teams have been in limbo for the past few months, and it’s a real challenge to let customers know about your re-opening and new services.

Building up a customer database using Guest WiFi allows you to create a customer base for the future. It allows you to quickly expand your business’ social media reach. So new customers can find your business and understand the services and safety measures you are providing.

One point we haven’t touched on is WiFi itself. With many businesses still working remotely, it’s the perfect time to look at your connectivity. Especially in older buildings, teams can really struggle to get a reliable connection. This can have a severe impact on your customer service and limits your ability to collaborate with colleagues.

We offer Ubiquity WiFi services that can be placed strategically throughout any building. These hotspots are unobtrusive and give you a reliable connection around the premise. There’s no wiring or messy installation so you can get to work quickly and without disruption.

This means that not only does your business gain access to a superfast new connectivity service, but you also unlock the benefits of Guest WiFi. It’s going to be a big reopening!

We hope that this article has provided some useful insights into how Guest WiFi can help you to welcome back your loyal customers, and maybe even make some new ones. For more information about connectivity, or any of our other services here at F One, get in touch at 0330 221 1183.

Alternatively, visit our website, we have specific pages designed to inform businesses in different sectors about the technology that can work best for them. Find your industry!

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