Using Your communications to grow your business

At F One we’ve always recognised how important communications are for providing added value to businesses. Most of the time, this value is created by presenting a professional image for your business, or enabling your team to work more productively.

These factors should heavily influence the communications service that you use. There are many ways in which your communications service can create extra value to your business. With the right communications service, you’ll have the opportunity to make the most of what is essentially a captive audience. Here are some of the small features, industry-specific tips and new products that can help create more commercial avenues for you.

Marketing on hold – Create your own virtual showroom

The vast majority of businesses still neglect the on-hold process. 9/10 times you are asked to wait, you are played some grainy sounding elevator music and little else. If this is true for your workplace, you are missing out.

Many teams are beginning to see the value of improving their on-hold marketing. It doesn’t have to just be music, at F One we can provide you with script writers and voice talent. Allowing you to achieve a very professional and polished suite of messages that will grab the attention of your customers.

On-hold marketing generally includes all the useful information that your customers need to hear. You can use this medium to inform callers about your opening times, any changes to your services due to Covid19, or even advise them of their place in the queue.

It also provides you with the perfect platform to advertise your latest services, whether this is a new product you are launching or an additional service your business offers. For dentists this could be cosmetic services, or for restaurants or hotels a new menu or spa offering. Everything from discounts to competitions can have their awareness boosted by this service.

Social WiFi – Re-imagine your guest network

Your WiFi is incredibly valuable. Not only does it keep your business’ essential services running at their best, but it also provides you with a great platform to keep guests engaged. Guests rank free WiFi as one of the top additional services that any business can offer them, which creates opportunity for you.

Social WiFi asks guests to provide contact details via a form or through social media in order to access your WiFi network. Through this service you can either increase your social media following through their interaction, or gain valuable customer insights.

This data can be used in a variety of ways, that benefit you and your customers alike. Firstly, it can allow you to find out more about the demographics of your customer base. If your find that your customer base is mostly made up of older people, you can tailor to them with senior discounts or step up your social media advertising to bring in a younger audience. Similarly, you can also spot repeat customers and provide them with exclusive deals and offers that keep them coming back.

Auto-attendant – Guarantee that clients reach the right person

Auto-attendant services drive added value by making your communications process more efficient and customer-friendly. This service works by automatically greeting your customers when they dial into your business, and assigning them to the right operator depending on their needs.

This generally accelerates the customer experience, as it means they reach the right person to suit their needs quickly. This removes the risk of your Tech Team attempting to liaise with prospective clients. It also means that you could ensure customers are always connected to the same person every time they dial in. This gives your staff the chance to better understand individual customer needs and to provide a more bespoke service.

Onward Charging – Ideal for the hospitality or care industry

Phone systems aren’t just about making and receiving calls, and neither is the value that comes from them. When guests stay at hotels, spas or care homes, they may require the use of a phone. It’s important that this process is smooth, secure and generates your business value.

Our onward charging system allows you to instantly calculate a guest’s bill based on their usage. This is then sent to your front desk staff, where it can be added to the total sum. This process is completely secure and also wipes the phone’s call log in preparation for your next guest. These handy little features can change your offering for the better for both customers and your staff.

We hope that at least some of the features mentioned here can help to generate additional value for your business. The right technology can be a game changer in making your team’s lives easier and it can even create new revenue streams. If you’re looking to improve your customer service and would like to find out more, get in touch with the team here at 0330 221 1183.

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