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Yealink T57W.

IP Desk Phone

Discover more information about the Yealink T57W.

Premium phone for executives and busy managers with heavy call loads. Fully adjustable, 7.0″ graphical display.
For more line keys, simply connect up to 3 expansion modules.

Key features.

The Yealink T57W handset’s capabilities are advantageous to all business users, regardless of whether they like to keep things clear-cut and basic or utilise its more extensive feature sets.

Adjustable high-resolution display.

The Yealink T57W can easily meet viewing requirements at a number of angles and in a variety of lighting circumstances thanks to a completely changeable display, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Acoustic shield technology.

The Yealink T57W is equipped with acoustic shield technology, which uses several microphones to simulate a shield to provide remote participants with distraction-free sound clarity.

Corded cordless phone.

Up to 4 cordless handsets that are DECT compatible can be used with the Yealink T57W with the aid of a DECT dongle. Between the desk phone and the cordless DECT handsets, calls can be switched between devices without any interruptions.

No more messy cables.

Bluetooth is already built-in for improved mobility and connection to wireless headsets. Additionally, integrated WiFi enables businesses to make the most of their wireless network and gives home workers the freedom to work wherever their home WiFi signal is present.

Other devices.

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