Shamblehurst Primary School Donation

At F One we are always looking for ways to do our bit in the local community. More people than ever are in need of that little bit of extra support due to The Covid-19 pandemic. We’re happy to help where we can.

Shamblehurst Primary School is based in Hedge End, Southampton. Like all schools Shamblehurst has had to change the way it operates dramatically to facilitate the needs of its pupils during lockdown. Online learning is essential but there is a real shortage of devices that allow pupils to work at their best. That’s where F One could help.

F One is currently getting ready to move office later this year. As part of the moving process, we had some PC’s that needed a new home. F One Operations Director Alex Viola was informed about their need for new home-schooling devices through a family member. It only made sense that F One, as a local business should step in to help.

F One donated the 12 PCs to Shamblehurst to distribute amongst the families that need them the most. We hope that they can provide the vital support that these families need.

Regarding the donation, Alex Viola said:

“Shamblehurst School is such a great little school and we were so pleased to be able to help them. Businesses such as ours should be giving back, especially at times like this. We hope these devices can help home-schooling become a bit easier for local families.”

An estimated 9% of families in the UK don’t currently have access to a device that can allow for home-schooling. At F One we hope we can do our bit to close the digital divide and help these families in need.

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