Stay part of your business network.

Stay in touch with your team and promote flexible working. With a business phone system from F One, your office is wherever you sit down to work for the day.

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Run your business from anywhere, on any device.

“The nature of our business means we’re always out and about. Our new phone systems helps staff work wherever they are.” Read our client stories

Lisa Jones General Manager, Coffee Bean Co.

Stay in control of your business.

Never miss a call again.

Our phone systems give you the ability to work on the go without confusing your clients. We’ve made it really simple to divert calls from your office phone to your mobile, and when using our Mobile App you can make calls from your main business phone number. Stay well-connected to your customers without being stuck at a desk.

Put your deskphone in your smartphone.

By downloading our Mobile App you can access all the phone system features you get with your deskphone. Available on iOS and Android, our App effectively allows you to switch your calls to your mobile seamlessly. Access your company directory, make and receive calls and view colleague availability just as you would in the office.

Leave the office phone in the office.

When working remotely, you can access all of your office phone features on your desktop via our Desktop App. By using your WiFi, a headset and your laptop or PC (Mac or Windows), you can use the App to do everything you normally would in the office. Make and receive calls, use on-hold, access the directory and your voicemail, which means you can now leave the office phone exactly where it is.

Bring people together.

You don’t have to worry about keeping your remote teams connected with our clever conferencing system. It’s easy to use and reliable, and makes starting a group call or joining one, from any device, simple. Encourage strong relationships, boost morale and increase staff retention; provide your staff with effective collaboration tools.

Complete visibility of performance.

Our reporting systems show the big picture, which is especially useful if you’re not physically located in the same place as your team. At a glance you can view all of your organisation’s call data. So if improvements need to be made you’ll know exactly where to increase training, upscale resources or tweak the processes.

Useful features.





Voicemail to Email

Call Forwarding

User Presence

Do Not Disturb

Call History

Click to Dial

Call Pick Up

Company Directory

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Some of our system integrations.

Some feedback from our fantastic clients.

Exceptional Service

“Initially dealing with Alex at sale stage right through to Andy with any ongoing maintenance has exceeded my expectations, not to mention the savings we now enjoy going forward.”

Nicholas Stanford


Business mobiles tailored to us

“Everyone’s got their own mobile preference, F One managed to keep us all happy. Good work guys!”

James Florence


Remote working made easy

“Our entire team is dotted around all over the place, this new system means that we can still all work together effectively.”

Anita White


Easy to use

“Our new phones are so easy to use. All of us really do use most of the features, because they genuinely do make our jobs much easier.”

Dr Marwa Al-Awqati


Our connectivity problems are solved

“Can’t believe how we coped with such low speeds before, we couldn’t go back to that now.”

Audrey Kercher

Club Sectretary

The perfect phone system

“F One has given us a phone system that is just perfect for us. The whole teams finds it easy to use.”

Russell Young


Up and running in no time

“We had to make sure we could carry on helping customers with their order enquiries, luckily F One had us up and running in no time.”

Peak Logo

Moira Ackhurst

General Manager

I wish we’d made these changes sooner

“We really appreciated the way the guys have helped us so we can now offer an improved service to members.”

Tony Milner

General Manager

Communicate with confidence

“Our new phone system has meant that staff and residents can communicate with confidence. Staff are now making the most of our new care software package”

Dianna Adlam

Executive PA

It’s been so useful

“I’m so glad we made changes to our system before the pandemic. It’s been so useful in updating customers about the rules for dining and drinking over the past year as well as for advertising our new outdoor space.”

Stuart Downie