Understand your calls.

Gain valuable insight with powerful statistics and analytics modules. Make the most of your resources by deploying them where they are needed most with a full analysis of your call statistics.

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See what happens to your calls from beginning to end.

“Being able to see how our phones are being used has helped me to make some positive changes.” Read our client stories

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Take control of your communications.

Vital statistics at a glance.

Use a Wall Board to display your business call data. Choose the statistics that are valuable to you, helping teams to reach their goals and managers to make changes when necessary. This feature is indispensable for businesses with high or fluctuating call volumes.

One portal for all metrics.

Our statistics module shows you a wealth of live and historical call data. View live data on-the-go if you need to solve present issues or use the reporting features for a more comprehensive look at performance over a longer period. All the data you need to improve performance.

Access data anywhere.

As businesses are more commonly working in a hybrid model, with some staff in the office, some at home and others in the field, the ability to access data regardless of location is vital. Our Call Statistics and Recording modules are Cloud based, which means the right people can access critical data wherever they are.

“Set and forget” reporting.

Schedule call reports to include only the data that is important to you and avoid regular tedious tasks. With just a few clicks you can generate and schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports in professional PDFs, putting information in front of the people who need to see it.

One central database.

Looking for a phone number or call recording? Our advanced call logging module puts every call in and out of your system into one easy to use application. This makes it easy to keep an eye on call volumes and track down important recordings.

Useful features.

Video Call

Instant Message

Screen Share

Multi Device

Call History

Visual Voicemail

File Sharing

User Presence

Click to Dial

Outlook Integration

User Status

CRM Integration

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Some of our system integrations.

Some feedback from our fantastic clients.

The perfect phone system

“F One has given us a phone system that is just perfect for us. The whole teams finds it easy to use.”

Russell Young


Communicate with confidence

“Our new phone system has meant that staff and residents can communicate with confidence. Staff are now making the most of our new care software package”

Dianna Adlam

Executive PA

Remote working made easy

“Our entire team is dotted around all over the place, this new system means that we can still all work together effectively.”

Anita White


Exceptional Service

“Initially dealing with Alex at sale stage right through to Andy with any ongoing maintenance has exceeded my expectations, not to mention the savings we now enjoy going forward.”

Nicholas Stanford


Our connectivity problems are solved

“Can’t believe how we coped with such low speeds before, we couldn’t go back to that now.”

Audrey Kercher

Club Sectretary

Business mobiles tailored to us

“Everyone’s got their own mobile preference, F One managed to keep us all happy. Good work guys!”

Frederic Lohr


Easy to use

“Our new phones are so easy to use. All of us really do use most of the features, because they genuinely do make our jobs much easier.”

Dr Marwa Al-Awqati


Up and running in no time

“We had to make sure we could carry on helping customers with their order enquiries, luckily F One had us up and running in no time.”

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Moira Ackhurst

General Manager

I wish we’d made these changes sooner

“We really appreciated the way the guys have helped us so we can now offer an improved service to members.”

Tony Milner

General Manager

It’s been so useful

“I’m so glad we made changes to our system before the pandemic. It’s been so useful in updating customers about the rules for dining and drinking over the past year as well as for advertising our new outdoor space.”

Stuart Downie