Phone systems that suit.

F One’s Cloud phone system has something to offer every business. Whether you are looking to simplify your infrastructure, improve reliability or need new tools to improve working practices, F One can provide an accessible and flexible solution.

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Office Phone Systems.

Our business phone systems have the power to transform the way you work and enhance your customers experience. Our systems are state-of-the-art boasting features that will help you to reduce customer wait times, improve productivity and ultimately give you a clearer picture of your business operation.

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Remote Working.

Working from home is becoming the new norm, but how can you best support staff with this transition? Our Cloud systems mean you can connect devices to your main phone system wherever you are, and continue working just as you would in the office. Apple, Android and Windows devices are all compatible, so you don’t have to invest in additional hardware.

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Cloud Call Manager.

If you’d like to manage some of the settings on your business phone system you can use the Cloud Call Manager. This easy to use online dashboard allows you to set up call diverts, update messaging and presence settings from any location. This feature can be very handy if you can’t access your business premises at short notice, putting the power back in your hands.

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Collaborate Online.

For those businesses that want to take communication to the next level, our collaboration features make it easier for your team and clients to work together, regardless of their location. Our phone systems make using video conferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging super simple.

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Cordless Solutions.

When connectivity is critical, F One’s cordless solutions keep you in touch. Handsets are cleverly connected to wireless access points, so you’ll never be without a connection. This also means you can take the handsets from one building to another. Our cordless handsets have the same features as your office phones, so you can carry on providing great service to customers.

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Call Statistics & Recording.

Create a dashboard that gives you an instant view of your business operation. Put an end to missed calls and stay better connected to team performance so you can direct resources to where they need to be. To assist staff training, our Call Recording feature is a valuable asset and it’s also often central to resolving customer disputes.

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