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Phone systems that suit everyone.

Everyone can benefit from F One’s cloud phone systems. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, increase staff productivity, or give customers a better communication experience, we offer a cost-effective and flexible solution to suit all needs.

The basics.

Modern telephone systems have incredibly broad feature sets. Having said that, it’s essential for us to educate our clients about how even the most basic phone system features, when used correctly, will significantly increase employee productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

Professional marketing on hold

When your customers are fully focused on you, take advantage of the situation. With our professionally produced on-hold marketing, you have the chance to highlight your excellent work as well as any fresh goods or services that your current clientele may not be aware of. Choose your own music and voice, and if you need help with the script, let us know.

Phonebook & speed dials

You might be surprised to learn that a significant portion of business phone systems lack a convenient phonebook feature. You can quickly and easily contact your customers and suppliers using our cloud-based telephone system’s straightforward search and dial feature.

Hold & transfer

One of the most basic system functions, but also a key component of any telephone system. Using our system, whether on your physical handset or one of the mobile or PC applications, you can quickly and easily transfer an active call to a colleague, call group, or external phone number.

Voicemail & voicemail to email

Voicemail to email is a phone system feature that sends voicemails to your email inbox. You will receive an email with call information and an audio file (MP3 or WAV) of the message whenever a new voicemail is left by a caller. The voicemails can even be transcribed if you’d prefer to have a readable copy of the recording.

Scheduling & system management

With the help of our online portal’s user-friendly administrator interface, you can quickly view call statistics, the system directory, user lists and permissions, call control, call recordings, and the ability to modify basic user settings.

Call routing

One of the things that is frequently overlooked when installing a new phone system is how your incoming calls should be routed through your business. Our technical professionals will give you guidance on how they think your calls should be routed in order to maximise staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Take your office phone with you, wherever you go.

Flexible working has become a necessity for most businesses and their staff. We can help make sure your customers continue to get the best experience, wherever you’re working from.

Cloud storage.

NEC’s Univerge Blue Share offers secure file and document sharing without sacrificing usability or accessibility. Save, sync, and share the most recent document versions from any device.

Microsoft Teams.

To maximise the efficiency of Microsoft Teams, directly integrate our cloud phone system into your desktop and mobile Microsoft Teams applications. Designed for organisations that desire to integrate a reliable, complete phone system solution into their Teams applications.

Call recording, analysis & reports.

With the help of our cloud-based call recording and reporting software, you can gain a whole new level of insight into how your contact processes are performing and how to improve them for a revolutionary, ultra-responsive customer experience. For companies of all sizes, we provide a range of service levels, from basic real-time contact centre services to sophisticated historical call logging, as well as one touch and fully PCI compliant call recording.

Applications & software integrations.

Take advantage of our completely integrated PC and mobile applications, as well as the choice to combine your CRM with the phone system. With our cloud-based phone system, you can use features like direct computer or laptop dialling as well as having your customers’ database record automatically appear when they call.

Just some of the fantastic clients that we support.

Multi-site organisations.

We can support your phone system needs regardless of how your business is set up. We use the Cloud for central management of our phone systems. Whether you have a lot of offices, a lot of home workers, a lot of out-of-office employees, or a combination of all of the above, we can safely grant access to the same system. With a Cloud phone system, your business is free to grow because adding new users and sites only requires a few mouse clicks.

Let’s talk.

One of our specialists would be happy to discuss your needs with you if you’d like to learn more about the various cloud phone system options available. Use the number below to get in touch.

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