What makes the perfect remote working solution?

Working from home can be stressful. Both for your team and the business tools that you use. A lot of the technologies that we work with everyday are being pushed to their limits now that they must function in a remote environment.

From the devices and software we use to communicate, to the broadband that keeps us connected. We’ve all had to adapt to this new environment and some technology fares better than others. It seems that remote working is here to stay, so any solution that your business decides to work with has to be a long-term one. That’s why we’re here to help.

At F One we’ve worked with a whole range of technology solutions, whether for our customers or in our own offices. This applies to remote working solutions as well. We’re dedicated to making sure that teams communicate effectively, even if they can’t reach the office.

There are many qualities that make a perfect remote working solution. We’ve narrowed it down to the 3 things that we think are the most important for businesses. These are: the ability to work reliably, facilitating teamwork, and creating a great customer experience. Through these criteria we have found what we think are the most effective remote solutions for any team.

How can you guarantee a reliable remote working experience?

When trying to stay productive at home, consistency and routine is everything. That’s why both the communication and connectivity services that you use need to be reliable. Nobody enjoys a video call that never stays online.

In terms of connectivity, we recommend a dedicated business broadband service. This means that your team will no longer have to rely on a home network while they work remotely. Home networks can be slow, especially when online lessons or multimedia streaming is happening elsewhere. They can also be insecure, and so a business broadband service goes a long way to protecting your business.

As for communications, we recommend a cloud communication service. Being connected to a cloud platform means you can access all your communication services from a device of your choice. So, you can reliably get in touch with your team, no matter if you’d rather use your mobile, your tablet or your PC.

How can I facilitate teamwork when my team are working from home?

Collaboration is important to remote teams for a variety of reasons. Not only is it essential for keeping a lot of the creative aspects of your business going, but it also does a lot to boost morale and productivity. For this reason, you need technology that can ensure that your team can always work well together.

Once again, we’re turning to the cloud here. We believe that cloud productivity services such as Microsoft 365 are a perfect way to stay connected with your team while you work from home. These services allow you to collaborate on and share individual documents with your colleagues in real time. This combined with the right communication service makes collaboration simple.

We also recommend hosting regular video calls through a UC service such as Microsoft Teams. Video calls with your whole team help to build morale and keeps everybody in the loop.

What is the best way to guarantee a great customer experience with a remote team?

Maintaining a great customer service is one of the biggest challenges that exists for any business working remotely. The lack of face-to-face communication can be very limiting. It is for this reason that we’d suggest the best solution here is to guarantee that your call process is spot on.

For this reason, you need a phone system that guarantees you high-quality audio, flexibility, and certainly no missed calls.

The best solution here is a phone system that operates over the internet rather than fixed phone lines. This not only means that your phones are portable, and provide great audio no matter where you are, but it also unlocks a range of new features.

In terms of your customer service, one of the most important features here is call reporting. Call reporting stats show you exactly when calls are coming in so you can make sure that the phones are manned at peak times. These phone systems also integrate with the customer management software that you use, allowing you to see the details of customers when they call in. This both saves you time and allows you to create a more bespoke experience.

We hope that this quick guide has given you a better idea of what to look for in a remote working solution. The best technology supports you for years to come and we believe that the suggestions we’ve made here will fit the bill. If you want to find out more about cloud phones, connectivity solutions or anything else we’ve mentioned here then get in touch.

You can reach our team here at F One on 02382 352 000.