How a good telecoms solution can keep teams working together effectively.

A good phone system does more than just make calls these days. Unified Communications systems are transforming workflows by putting all the tools your staff could need right at their fingertips.

This blog article will explore the features of Unified Communications systems, and how they can keep your teams working together effectively in all circumstances.

BYOD Culture

Modern phone systems like ours are compatible with every device. Apps for mobile devices and PCs give your staff the agility they need to keep up with the fast pace of modern business.

Cloud services like Office 365 are becoming ubiquitous. The fantastic device-independence of the cloud extends to phone systems, too. Thanks to the use of VoIP and advanced cloud technology, your staff can log in from any device they want. This has obvious benefits for home working, eliminating the need for your staff to carry a deskphone with them or use their personal mobiles for work calls.

Systems like ours therefore enable and promote a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture in your business, allowing your staff to work however and wherever they choose. Sign out of your office PC on Friday evening, then sign in from your laptop at home and pick your work straight back up. Enable a truly seamless BYOD experience by moving your systems to the cloud.

Advanced Integrations

Unified Communications promotes seamless collaboration among your teams from day one but integrating the platform with your CRM can take it to the next level.

Our systems can integrate deeply with the most popular CRMs around. Salesforce, Zoho, Sage, Zendesk and many more can all be linked with our phone systems to unlock…

– Screen popping, which displays caller information to your staff as soon as they answer the call. This alone can transform customer experience; imagine being greeted by name whenever you call a company you work with!

– Click to dial, allowing you to initiate a call with a single click from within your CRM, email client or web browser.

– Real-time database integration. Your CRM will automatically update each customer’s account with all call records and even call recordings. This ensures your staff always have a clear view of what was discussed before.

There are dozens of other features available, depending on which systems you use and how you work, so please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more.

Instant Messaging

Sometimes you just don’t want to disturb your colleagues with a phone call. After all, not all questions are urgent.

Why not send an instant message? Unified Communications includes IM features, allowing you to ask a quick question, clarify something or even just send a useful web page to any of your colleagues.

The included team chat features provide a forum for each team to speak in a group. This has been phenomenally useful for us while we work from home. Our Support team members have got a place to go to discuss trouble tickets with each other, our customer services team can share updates, and everyone in the business can manage their workload easier.

Conference Calls

If you need a little more structure than an instant message group, you can arrange a conference call in just a few clicks.

Integrations with Outlook and other email clients allow you to send an invitation to all participants directly from your IM chat. Set up a recurring daily team chat, or even start an ad-hoc conference from your mobile to discuss a project or help a customer.

Unlike external conference call services, our conference systems are entirely free for your teams to use. Assign an extension number to a conference room and you’ll never spend another penny to speak with your remote teams.

Video Calls

We don’t need to tell you how useful video calling services were over lockdown, but what about if they were integrated with your internal office communication system?

Our video call systems are integrated with your phone system, your Instant Messages and even your CRM. This can transform the effectiveness of video calls, changing them from cumbersome and inconvenient to flexible, feature rich and fast. Start a video conference with any of your colleagues with a single click from within your communications system. There’s no need to send a link to all participants, and no need to arrange a call ahead of time.

UC makes video calls a perfectly natural part of your workday, complementing traditional voice calls and instant messaging to provide your staff with all the tools they could need.

Our cloud communications systems have been keeping businesses connected for years, but Unified Communications has really come into its own over the last year. UC promotes flexibility and keeps your staff collaborating effectively, whether there are 6 feet or 6 miles between them.

Do you want to find out more? Speak to the F One team today on 0330 221 1183 to arrange a free demo and quote.

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