How a dual-use platform can transform the way you work

Cloud systems have transformed business practices over the last decade.

Services like Office 365, cloud CRMs, and now phone systems, are changing the way businesses think of their communications technology. In this blog post we will explore why you should consider deploying one cloud phone system in your business, instead of using separate systems.

– Cross-site collaboration

If your business operates over many sites or offices, you’ll know how difficult it can be to encourage efficient collaboration and communication between your sites.

VPNs between offices are notoriously unreliable and can be very tricky to configure. So why not move to the cloud? With a cloud phone system like ours, accessing your system is as simple in your most remote branch as it is in your head office.

With all your staff connecting to the same system, collaboration becomes simple, efficient, and free. There’s never any need to call an external phone number to get hold of any of your colleagues; just dial their extension.

It’s a win-win for businesses – provide unlimited access for everyone while simultaneously simplifying your network and saving money on your phone bill.

– Maintenance-free systems make your IT teams happy

So how do you make the most of your new multi-site phone system?

First, simplify your system as far as possible. The reality of cloud systems is that they need no input from you to keep them running at their best. With no phone systems to maintain, your IT team will never have to spend time shuttling between your offices for simple tasks. It’s either all handled for you or can be easily managed from your head office.

A simpler network configuration is always better, and easier to secure. Cloud technology ensures you’ll never have to worry about protecting a server again. This means that your network presents less of a tempting target for would-be attackers providing fewer potential routes of access. Cloud systems can help you turn your network into Fort Knox without spending a fortune on complex security tech.

– Advanced call handling

With all staff in your business connected to the same phone system, advanced call handling becomes even more important.

Our systems include powerful auto attendants and call queues that work together to get calls to the right team every time.

If you’ve got customer service teams at each of your offices, for example, why not configure them as overflows for each other? Our queues allow you to set priority levels on a per-team basis, ensuring that all calls get answered.

Cloud systems let you continue to provide local numbers for all your offices while also providing the all-important overflow capacity you get from a centralised system.

– Connect from home just as you would in the office

Of course, multi-site collaboration extends to your home users as well.

Because our cloud systems don’t care where your users connect from, you can work remotely or flexibly without any interruption to your customers or to your ability to communicate.

This has been a lifesaver over lockdown; connecting to our own cloud system from our homes made staying in touch with our colleagues simple and free. Even more importantly, we’ve been able to maintain the same great level of customer service over lockdown, ensuring that our queues continue to operate at peak efficiency.

The last year has proved beyond doubt that cloud tech allows businesses to operate entirely remotely without any impact to productivity. In fact, our cloud systems have been so effective for our clients that many of them are extending remote and flexible working policies after lockdown.

– Integrate with your CRM to streamline workflows

Our systems offer incredibly powerful APIs, giving them the ability to integrate with a huge array of third-party CRMs and other management software.

The benefits this can bring to your staff and customers are enormous. Powerful features like screen-popping and recording integration allow you to view details of customer accounts and previous calls instantly, ensuring total accountability.

Screen-popping displays all client information to your agents as soon as they answer the phone, so your customers can be greeted by name every time. Order details, account information and client notes are all at your fingertips, making each call more pleasant and productive for all involved.

Our integrations can also unlock simple features like click-to-dial. How much time do your sales staff spend entering phone numbers? How many times have you mis-dialled a customer number? Click-to-dial takes these right back to zero, allowing you to send a call straight to your desktop app or deskphone simply by clicking on a phone number.

Interested? Get in touch with us to find out more. We’ve decades of industry experience among the team, so we can get you up and running with a new phone system in record time.

Migrating to the cloud has never been simpler. Call us today on 0330 221 1183 to arrange a free demo and quote.

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