F One is now a CityFibre Connectivity Provider

Fibre connectivity has been a game changer for the businesses who can access it, allowing for more efficient, productive, and professional work. Until now though it was limited to large cities, that changes today.

CityFibre, the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network, is now expanding its full fibre rollout to 8 million new rural premises around the UK. This means 216 new towns and villages will benefit from a new superfast connection, this may include your business location.

At F One we’re excited to announce a new partnership with CityFibre which will allow us to bring Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) connectivity to more businesses around the country.


The most obvious benefit you’ll notice when switching to an FTTP connection is the speed. Fibre guarantees superfast speeds at all times, no matter the scale of your business or the size of your premise. FTTP prioritises downloads and uploads simultaneously, allowing you to access your work quickly but also reliably utilise your broadband connection to conduct voice and video calls, improve WiFi, and access internet banking and file storage.

FTTP also takes advantage of mesh networking, when in conjunction with F One’s market leading WiFi solutions. This means that no matter how large or how rural your building is there will be no black spots where the connection drops out.

Fibre is also far more secure. Businesses who rely on older networks often have no way to tell when a security threat has appeared. FTTP lines are also incredibly reliable, not affected by interference which can interrupt older networks.

FTTP provides potential to exceed 1Gbit/s speeds and can be scaled to up to 10Gbit/s speeds. These speeds are fast enough to support any business growth you may have in years to come.

How you can access FTTP

Our partnership with CityFibre gives us priority access to the new fibre infrastructure as it is rolled out. So, if you think your business needs a more robust connection, it’s probably time to register your business with us, and we’ll get in touch as soon as better connectivity becomes available.

Map of CityFibre Network Roll Out

https://www.cityfibre.com/network/ Click here to see the map of the current CityFibre roll out, including areas around Hampshire that are currently included.

To find out more, get in touch with the F One team at 0330 221 1183 or send us an email to register your interest at letstalk@fonetechnologies.co.uk

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