Communications for Golf Courses

Golf courses are uniquely challenging environments for communications technology. The huge size and wide-open spaces of an eighteen hole course have made providing site-wide connectivity impractical until relatively recently.

We specialise in modernising the technology used by golf courses. And it’s not just because we love a day on the links. Promise. We’ve developed a suite of products and systems that can revolutionise the service you provide to your members and guests.

We can provide broadband connectivity, site-wide wireless coverage, and state-of-the-art Cloud-based communications systems to your club. All of these services can be tailored to suit the challenges that golf courses present.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Tony Milner, General Manager of the Barton-on-Sea Golf Club, had this to say about F One’s services:

“We kind of knew our phone system could be better and thought that there must be something we could do to improve the internet signal. We really appreciated the way the guys have helped us so we can now offer an improved service to members.”

The challenges:

– Effective collaboration between departments

The success of golf clubs depends in no small part on the level of service they can provide to their members and guests.

Great member service requires equally great internal communications. Connecting all departments and staff members together on a single Cloud comms solution is the single biggest step you can take to creating a unified approach to service in your business.

Unified Communications systems like ours give all of your staff all of the tools they need to stay in touch with each other. This means that your staff can get answers to your members and guests sooner. Take bookings faster, resolve queries easier and give your members the smoothest possible experience with our Cloud-based systems.

– Connectivity at a distance

It stands to reason that golf courses are big. This scale presents enormous hurdles to clubs looking to improve course-wide connectivity. Many clubs are put off by the potentially enormous cost of deploying a huge network of access points to cover all eighteen holes.

That’s where F One comes in. Our unmatched experience working with golf clubs helps us provide the most cost-effective wireless solutions around. Our fast, reliable and simple Wi-Fi systems can be extended to provide a blanket of coverage over your whole course.

Site-wide wireless coverage presents an enormous step forward in a traditionally tech-free environment. Just as free Wi-Fi services are proven to attract customers to retail locations, eighteen-hole coverage can make your course more attractive to visitors.

Full rounds of golf can last hours. This is a long time for modern professionals to be away from emails or out of reach of their colleagues. Providing wireless coverage is a great way to alleviate these concerns. Making it even easier for your guests to make the choice to become full members of your club.

Similarly, being able to track your guests’ progress across the course with our wireless systems helps you to maximise the number of groups playing at any given time. This means that we can help increase club revenue without running the risk of “traffic jams” at the tricky sand trap on hole four or the water hazard on the ninth.

– The competitive edge

While we can’t help you maintain your course, we certainly can help you stand apart from your competitors. With a full RESTful API implementation, our systems can integrate with a huge variety of third-party course management packages.

Our systems work alongside the advanced features included with services like Lightspeed Golf, AIMsi, foreUP and many more. Combining the telephony features of our Unified Communications platform with the CRM elements of your management software make it easier than ever before to take bookings, manage membership levels and stay in touch with your guests. This gives you a leg up on your competitors; after all, great customer service starts as soon as you answer the phone.

Maintain this level of excellence by giving your members and guests electronic scorecards, included with many of the top course management packages. With site-wide wireless connectivity, players will be able to track their performance in real time. They can compare the current round to their personal best, their playing partners and even the rest of the club.

There’s never been a better time to think about improving the technology you provide to your guests, members and staff.

Our broadband services, for example, are available at more than 99% of UK addresses. This practically guarantees that we’ll be able to connect even the most remote and scenic courses with fibre, providing the speed, capacity and reliability that you’ve been missing.

It’s simpler, easier and more cost-effective than you might think, so why not get in touch with us today to arrange a free consultation?

Speak to the team on 0330 221 1183 or email us at to get the ball rolling.

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