Case Study: Bridport & West Dorset Golf Course


Bridport & West Dorset Golf Course is a prestigious and challenging course based in the Southwest of England. The course features stunning views and rich heritage, with the current course constructed in 1911.

The course features beautiful vistas and attracts not only a loyal group of members, but visitors from around the country and beyond. The signature 6th hole was ranked by one commentator as one of the top 100 in the world.

The Challenge:

The age of the site, combined with its rural location meant that staff, members and visitors at Bridport & West Dorset struggled to access reliable WiFi or data connectivity. The lack of connectivity was only increased by the course’s previous out-dated phone system.

The phone system provided to the course was not one designed with a golf course in mind. The course and layout of the clubhouse did not lend themselves to the phones that they were provided, meaning that cordless phones would cut out past a certain distance. For a business that operated over wide, open spaces this was clearly not ideal. As the current provider’s level of support was below standard, the team at Bridport and West Dorset turned to F One to help.

Unifi Wifi

The Solution:


The first point that needed to be addressed by F One at the golf club was connectivity. Ubiquiti WiFi access points were installed throughout the clubhouse and course. this created a Mesh Network that ensured that connections never dropped out, whether you are in the clubhouse or on the 18th hole.

Alongside the high-speed connectivity, Social WiFi was also included. This service allowed Bridport & West Dorset to provide members and visitors to access the course’s WiFi in a more secure and reliable way.  

The golf course’s previous supplier took a one-size-fits-all approach to connectivity, this didn’t work. There were even some buildings on-site that received no signal at all. F One helped here by connecting these buildings to a 4G router, with additional cabling provided at no extra cost.



When it came to communications on the golf course, reliability and ease-of-use were the focus. Due to the high-speed connection the club now had access to, they had many more options in terms of where and how their communications were implemented.

In total 6 new handsets where strategically placed around the site, and a new collection of cordless phones were introduced as well. These cordless phones are WiFi enabled and can provide reliable communications anywhere on site.

Overall, the new communication solution is far easier to use for both staff and members.

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The Results:

The new communication and connectivity services have been a game changer for Bridport & West Dorset. Working onsite has never been easier for staff thanks to the added availability that these new solutions have provided.

Previously calls across the site were grainy and difficult to pick up. Now audio through the desk and cordless phones are crystal clear. Members are also loving the new high-speed WiFi and the benefits of Social WiFi. As a result the club has increased its marketing database by 35%.

Finally, the new solution is not only proving to be better for staff and members, it is more cost-effective for the club as well. The Club’s monthly payments are now below what they were previously paying their former supplier. Even after the cost of settling the contract they had with their previous supplier.

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