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for large scale sites.

Simple solutions for complex businesses. Our phone systems make managing logistics easy, and expertly designed networks guarantee strong signal everywhere on site.

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We had a lot of unique specifications when updating our communications within the warehouse and throughout our business. F One helped us implement a new system of dect phones ensuring our staff could be contacted through the site. We would be really happy to work alongside F One again in any professional capacity.

Alex McNutt
CEO, Pirtek

Complete Wi-Fi coverage throughout your site.

It has never been so important to ensure your workers have the Wi-Fi coverage available to communicate with each other through technology whilst ensuring your staff have the connection speeds to work effectively.

We offer a solution that provides a continuous and reliable wireless broadband connection to every part of your premises. Couple that with state of the art, high speed business broadband connections, and you will really see a big difference in your operational efficiency.

Full walkabout phone coverage throughout.

Ensuring your staff can be reached at all times is paramount.

More often than not, most warehouses and manufacturing firms we speak to struggle with cordless telephone coverage. This makes contacting colleagues across the site particularly difficult, and can really impede your productivity. We offer complete cordless phone coverage without compromise.

Doorbell notifications to your phone.

It’s easy for the sound of a doorbell to get lost in a busy manufacturing environment, particularly if you’re on the other side of your site.

Our state-of-the-art door entry systems can notify your smartphone directly when an important delivery or customer arrive, ensuring no ringing bell goes unanswered. Video monitoring solutions stream a live image of your door to your phone to let you know exactly who’s at your door, no matter where you are on your site.

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