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Helping warehouse environments communicate.

In a warehouse environment, it’s vital that your staff still have fast and dependable WiFi and cordless phone coverage. We have a range of solutions that’ll help you achieve the best signal throughout your building.

Here’s some wonderful feedback from a customer with a warehouse environment that we successfully supported.

“Before F One installed our new phone and WiFi solution, we really struggled with reliable connectivity in our warehouse. They not only came out to conduct a site survey, completely free of charge, but they provided a detailed report on exactly how many access points we needed to get the connectivity that we required. They really have made a huge difference to our day to day operations.”

Christopher Zammit – Armorgard

WiFi coverage.

A strong WiFi signal has never been more crucial, given that stock information is now quite often updated on tablets and mobile devices. Small, effective, and discreet WiFi access points are strategically placed throughout the warehouse, so that your team can utilise your high-speed internet connection from anywhere.

Cordless phone coverage.

With a network of carefully positioned access points, your cordless phones will work flawlessly from anywhere in the warehouse, and even across multiple buildings.

Our cordless handsets automatically connect to the nearest access point with the strongest signal to deliver a consistent, high-quality call.

The right handsets.

We understand how crucial it is that your handsets are durable enough to handle the daily activities within a warehouse. In order to meet the demands of our customers, we are continually studying the best devices on the market, whether you need phones that are more sturdy and durable, or you want something with an extra long battery life.

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