Communications for hospitality.

Our advanced features give you valuable insight into your customers calls and help you to manage your queues. Intelligently deployed technology pays dividends with reduced costs and improved customer experiences.

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“I’m so glad we made changes to our system before the pandemic. It’s been so useful in updating customers about the rules for dining and drinking over the past year as well as for advertising our new outdoor space.” Read our client stories

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Don’t miss bookings with call reporting.

Our call reporting module will help you see call volumes throughout the day and displays phone numbers of those that called, so if you missed them you can call them back. Knowledge is power, so by getting a clearer picture of when your busy times are you can plan resources better.

Streamline bookings with advanced call queues.

Don’t suffer from the restrictions of being only to take one or two calls at a time. Our call queuing feature will ensure that you answer the calls in the order that they were made. Call queuing also avoids the dreaded engaged tone and while they are waiting gives you the chances to highlight your events and promotions.

Get the right connection from the start.

To some degree, the performance of your internet connection will always be limited if you’re not connected to the right service. F One has access to business grade connections, which offer superior performance. Once you have a steady flow of liberal broadband, you can then connect your CCTV, payment devices and TV’s. If set up correctly, you can protect the bandwidth you need to run your business from the bandwidth that your customers can access.

Add a generous side order of Wi-Fi.

Patrons will visit your establishment to enjoy the whole hospitality experience. An uninterrupted WiFi signal has never been more important, especially for those looking for somewhere to enjoy a working lunch. By setting up a Guest Network, you can use it as a way to highlight offers and promotions and to increase your database.

A strong WiFi signal can be problematic, particularly in older buildings, which is why we only use the most advanced Ubiquity devices. We install access points strategically throughout the building with no wiring necessary, which means you’ll enjoy coverage in every part of the building.

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