Phone systems for Pubs and Café's.

By supplying you with the best possible connection to and around your premises, working lunches will never be better. F One’s cordless phones help staff to answer enquiries on the go.

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“As a new business we didn’t have clue where to start. Sam knew what he was talking about and was happy to deal with everything for us, which was great because we could just get on with sampling the right beers.” Read our client stories

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Get the right connection from the start.

To some degree, the performance of your internet connection will always be limited if you’re not connected to the right service. F One has access to business grade connections, which offer superior performance. Once you have a steady flow of liberal broadband, you can then connect your CCTV, payment devices and TV’s. If set up correctly, you can protect the bandwidth you need to run your business from the bandwidth that your customers can access.

Add a generous side order of WiFi.

Patrons will visit your establishment to enjoy the whole hospitality experience. An uninterrupted WiFi signal has never been more important, especially for those looking for somewhere to enjoy a working lunch. By setting up a Guest Network, you can use it as a way to highlight offers and promotions and to increase your database.

A strong WiFi signal can be problematic, particularly in older buildings, which is why we only use the most advanced Ubiquity devices. We install access points strategically throughout the building with no wiring necessary, which means you’ll enjoy coverage in every part of the building.

Cordless phones without compromise.

It’s just not practical in the hospitality industry to keep running back to a desk to answer a phone. Staff need the ability to make and receive calls on the go. Normally a cordless handset is an unreliable stripped down version of a desk phone. Not in our case, our cordless handsets integrate fully with your main phone system and can operate over long distances.

Some of the fantastic clients that we’ve helped

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