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Helping golf clubs communicate.

Provide your members with access to a high-speed WiFi connection throughout the club, as well as up to date course conditions over the phone.

Here’s some wonderful feedback from a golf club we successfully support.

“I have to be honest, I was at first sceptical of the value that a new phone system could bring. I thought that we just needed something more reliable for the club. I now see how much the system has changed the way we work and how much easier it is to look after our members.”

Jim Mitchell – Sidcup Golf Club

The right connection.

The internet connections that are often available are typically not the finest because the majority of golf courses are situated in rural locations. Our connections with companies like CityFibre, Lightning Fibre, BT, Gamma, and others mean that we can offer our clubs a far wider range of possibilities.

WiFi coverage.

Once you have the best internet connection possible, the next step is to figure out how to distribute it across the club. We make certain that the majority of the bandwidth is distributed uniformly throughout the clubhouse, pro shop, and indoor and outdoor social places by using strategically placed WiFi access points throughout.

Cordless phones.

The easiest method to stay in touch with co-workers and clients at golf clubs, which can be very large, is to use robust cordless handsets. Our cordless handsets establish a connection with the nearest network access point, ensuring connectivity wherever you go.

Lets talk.

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