Better connectivity for Golf Courses.

With access to business grade connectivity, cordless phone options and professional marketing on hold, F One will help you to provide the best experience for you members.

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“I have to be honest, I was at first skeptical of the value that a new phone system could bring. I thought that we just needed something more reliable. I now see how much the system has changed the way we work and how much easier it is to look after our members.” Read our client stories

Jim Mitchell General Manager

Securing the best possible connection.

Most golf clubs are rurally based and so internet connection and phone signals are not always the best. As F One partners with the UK’s leading network providers, it has access to business grade connections.

After a quick chat with our broadband specialists, we can recommend the right combination of services that are available to you. We’re here to help you provide your members with the best possible connections.

Site wide WiFi coverage.

Once you have the best internet connection to your Club, the challenge will be to ensure the bulk of the bandwidth is distributed consistently around the clubhouse, pro shop and inside and outside social spaces.

F One uses cutting edge WiFi devices to provide your staff and members with a steady stream of safe internet and phone coverage. Guest Networks can be created for visitors to use, giving you the chance to strengthen your brand presence.

Integrated cordless options.

The scale of golf clubs can be vast, so the best way to keep in touch with colleagues and customers is to utilise hardwearing cordless handsets. Our cordless handsets connect with the closest network access point, so wherever you wander you will be connected. You also won’t have to compromise on features as they fully integrate into your main business phone system.

Professional on hold messaging.

While customers are on hold and you have their attention, so why not use the opportunity to highlight your products and services. They might find it useful to know the opening hours of the pro shop or the changes to the menu in the clubhouse. It’s also a handy way for members to find out about the conditions of the course. What ever it is you’d like to talk about, by using our selection of professional voices and script writing, you can really elevate your brand image.

Some of the fantastic clients that we’ve helped

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