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Helping estate agents communicate.

In a competitive housing market, our phone systems can give your agency the edge over your competitors, allowing your business to thrive.

Here’s some wonderful feedback from an estate agent we successfully support.

“We’ve got a really great phone system now. As a team we’re much more responsive which is reflected in our sales figures. Hats off to F One who made it really easy for us.”

Kate Winship – Town & Country Estate Agents

Call reporting.

We understand that you must be able to respond to every enquiry, particularly in such a fiercely competitive market.

Our call reporting service provides estate agents thorough, up-to-date reports of all calls made to and from their agency, together with the phone numbers of individuals who weren’t spoken to, allowing you to be proactive in contacting that lead back as soon as possible.

Stay connected.

Our mobile app keeps you seamlessly connected to the main office phone system, meaning you can answer calls from your clients when you’re away from your desk.

You’ll be able to use all of the features of your desk phone, and most crucially, the app displays the main business phone number, not your mobile one, if you ever need to make a call whilst you’re out and about.

Professionally recorded messages.

Use the time while you have your clients on hold to tell them about your other products and services, such as the best mortgage offers, discounted fees or even why they should trust you above all other agents, to sell their home. It’s also the perfect opportunity to let clients know where they can discover the most updated housing listings.

Lets talk.

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