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In a competitive industry, our systems can give you the edge you need to thrive. Complete the picture with professional marketing, detailed call analytics and strong inter-branch collaboration tools.

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“We’ve got a really great phone system now. As a team we’re much more responsive which is reflected in our sales figures. Hats off to F One who made it really easy for us.” Read our client stories

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Leave no stone unturned with call reporting.

In a highly competitive industry, we understand that you need to be able to follow up every enquiry. With significant revenue at stake, no lead should slip through the cracks.

Our Call Reporting module gives estate agents a complete picture of the calls being made to their business as well as the phone numbers of those whose called were not answered.

For estate agents that have multiple branches, call reports can be generated across all sites, or for specific offices. Managers can now easily see where extra resource is required and are able to recognise those high performing agents.

Stay connected during viewings.

If customers contact you while you’re out attending viewings, F One’s Mobile App keeps you connected to the main office phone system seamlessly. By using the App, you’ll be able to use all of the features that are on your desk phone and colleagues can view your availability status.

If you need to make outbound calls, the App presents the main office phone number to customers. Using a single phone number is much less confusing for customers and ensures continuity for when you’re away on leave.

Increase your conversions whilst on hold.

When placing clients on hold, use the time to inform them about your other products and services such as mortgages, lettings and valuations. It’s also the ideal time to remind them of where they can find the latest listings or to notify them of your recent hoard of awards.

Connecting teams through the Cloud.

Our business phone systems are managed centrally in the Cloud, which means that it doesn’t matter where your staff are located. You can have multiple branches, staff attending viewings or working from home, or a hybrid of all of the above and they will still all access the same system safely.

Our Cloud phone systems have an array of features that make it easier to collaborate and look after your customers. Instant messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing will help your teams to more effectively share the load.

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