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Helping doctor surgeries communicate.

By integrating your CRM software with F One’s cloud phone system, you’ll not only save your staff valuable time, but you’ll also improve your patient’s experience when they need you the most.

Here’s some wonderful feedback from a doctor surgery we successfully support.

“The installation of the new phone system has changed our surgery. F One have been nothing but knowledgeable and professional throughout. The ability to inform our patients of their place in the call queue and the connectivity with our EMIS database have been wonderful!”

Magdalena Nagadowska – Cloister Road Surgery

Integration with EMIS.

Our cloud phone system seamlessly and quickly allows clinical and administrative staff to view and record patient information while on the phone, thanks to its direct integration with EMIS Web.

Call queuing.

On average, 24.8% of daily calls to doctor surgeries are taken within the first hour of the working day. Your phone system can let patients know where they’re positioned within the call queue, preventing them from hearing those annoying engaged tones when you are taking more calls than usual.

Call reporting.

Our call reporting software gives you access to a wealth of data about your incoming and outgoing calls. You may either create your own reports or set up a selection of pre-populated reports to be routinely emailed to you hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly. For doctor surgeries in particular, the ability to use the stats to improve your patient’s experience is vital.

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