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Helping dental practices communicate.

Increase your dental practices profitability by providing patients with information about your whole product portfolio using a few simple phone system features.

Here’s some wonderful feedback from a dental practice we successfully support.

“We’ve found that investing in a new phone system has probably been the single best thing that’s made a difference to our customer service. We use every single feature and can just tell that our patients are happier and more informed.”

Dr. Jonathon Lee – Dental Elements

Marketing on hold.

When a patient calls your business, you want them to understand that they are speaking with a trustworthy and reliable dental practice. By playing professionally recorded marketing messages while they wait, you have the chance to educate them about the services you offer.

This is especially helpful for upselling products and services like teeth whitening, implants, and monthly maintenance plans.

Call queuing.

On average, 41.4% of daily calls to dental practices are taken within the first hour of the working day. Your phone system can let patients know where they’re position within the call queue, preventing them from hearing those annoying engaged tones when you are taking more calls than usual.

Call reports & analysis.

Our call reporting software gives you access to a wealth of data about your incoming and outgoing calls. You may either create your own reports or set up a selection of pre-populated reports to be routinely emailed to you hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly. With all of our dental practices, the unreturned call report has been a big success, and it may help you avoid losing out on thousands of pounds in potential earnings.

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