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Advanced call queuing, call recording and reporting and professional marketing on hold. The demands dental practices place on phone systems require advanced solutions.

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“We’ve found that investing in a new phone system has probably been the single best thing that’s made a different to our customer service. We use every single feature and can tell our customers are happier. ” Read our client stories

Dr Jonathon Lee Principal Dentist

Advanced call queueing to manage the daily rush.

Most dental practices take 41% of their daily calls within the first hour of opening. To make sure your customers don’t hear an engaged tone when calling you for advice or assistance, your phone system can keep them updated with their position in the queue. Up to 100 calls can be queued at one, helping to ensure everyone gets through.

Understand performance with call reports.

Our Call Reporting module gives you access to a wealth of data regarding all of your calls. You can generate call reports to include multiple dental practices as well as any mobiles connected via the Mobile App to the main phone system.

Choose the data you need for your reports and schedule them to run automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

Greater insight into your business operation helps you to more easily manage resource, training needs and performance.

Improve accountability with call recording.

F One’s Call Recording function gives you the ability to recall conversations with ease. If there are details you’ve missed, you won’t need to call a patient back and if there are any disputes, you can use the recording to provide a resolution.

Call Recording is an invaluable tool for training reception staff, listening back to calls is a great way to talk about how you can improve customer service.

Elevate your brand with marketing on hold.

When calling your business, you will want patients to know that they are contacting a reputable and trusted medical facility. Playing on hold marketing messages gives you the chance to inform clients about the products and services you offer in a professional way. When patients contact you it may be for the very first time, so it’s a critical touch point for customers that you need to get right.

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