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Helping care homes communicate.

In the healthcare industry, technology must be affordable, simple to use, and most importantly, dependable.

Here’s some wonderful feedback from a care home we successfully support.

“Our new phone system has meant that staff and residents can communicate with confidence. Staff are now making the most of our new care software package and residents are really enjoying watching classic films on Netflix, which has been a joy to see.”

Diana Adlam – Aster Healthcare

WiFi coverage.

A strong WiFi signal has never been more crucial given that residents care plan information is now updated on tablets and mobile devices.

Small, effective, and discreet WiFi access points are strategically placed throughout the home, so that your team can utilise your high-speed internet connection from anywhere in the home.

Cordless phone coverage.

Ensuring your staff can be reached at all times is paramount. More often that not, most care homes that we speak to are based in older buildings with thicker walls that present issues for cabling and coverage.

F One can install a Mesh WiFi Network which is a wireless solution that provides consistent connectivity for internet and phone services in every part of the building. Enjoy the efficiency that comes with being able to reach colleagues at all times.

This total coverage means that you can also offer in-room WiFi access to patients, helping them to stay in touch with families easier.

The right handsets.

We understand how crucial it is that your handsets are durable enough to handle the daily activities within the home. In order to meet the demands of our customers, we are continually studying the best devices on the market, whether you need phones that are more appropriate for an office setting or handsets that are more sturdy and durable.

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