Best Work from Home Stories Competition

Working from home has been tough, but certainly not without its share of funny moments!

Do you have any great stories about working from home? Why not enter our latest giveaway for a chance to win a fantastic Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headset?

Share your best home working story with us on our social media by 12pm on Friday 5th March and our team will pick their favourite as the winner.

Everyone’s got a funny, embarrassing or heart-warming story to tell about their experience over lockdown. Whether you or your team are remote working novices or hardened pros, video calls can provide endless comedy!

Throughout the last year, we’ve all learned the truth behind the old adage “Never work with children or animals”. It helps to see the funny side, though! It’s no good being grumpy about interruptions; no one’s working in an ideal environment right now so it’s inevitable that our pets and kids will occasionally collide with our work.

Some of the most persistent offenders are, of course, the dogs. The extra time we had with our furry friends at the beginning of lockdown proved more exciting for some hounds than others. Our team members have got some real characters in their homes. From the big dogs with no sense of personal space to the smaller pups that snore in their owner’s laps, we’ve got to know them all very well over video calls. They’re even getting to know each other; we’ve noticed dogs recognising each other through the internet!

So what have you learned from lockdown? Do you have mysterious colleagues who seem to be in a new house every time you see them? Maybe you’ve got an over-sharer who’s always got a new story to tell. We’d love to hear your stories!

Keep your stories anonymous, and try to be funny! We’re not trying to embarrass anyone, after all.

Enter the giveaway by commenting on the post on any of our social media accounts. We’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram, so what are you waiting for?

Our team will choose their favourite story from the entries at 12pm on Friday 5th March. We’ll announce the winner here and on our social media, and share a collection of our favourite stories. The lucky winner will receive a set of fantastic noise-cancelling headsets – believe us, when working from home they can be a game-changer!

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  1. Working from the loft (thank god for teams background images) to get away from the hectic life of children and home school work. On meetings currently can hear everything else but my meetings; peppa pig or the zoom lessons my daughter is having, least I know year R maths again.


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